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Women's Leadership Program

A revolutionary virtual development program for high potential women


The ABC's of Leadership Success Curriculum

  • A for Attitude, your mindset, to include confidence, courage, connection, curiosity and agility.

  • B for Behavior, focused on executive presence.

  • C for Communication, to include difficult conversations, influential messages, storytelling, speaking up, facilitating discussions and personal branding.

This transformative program empowers women to step up, speak up and pave the way to a more gender-diverse workforce. If you are primed for the next level of leadership, yet still need the skills to get there, this program is for you.

100% of participants say "yes, definitely"
they would recommend this program!

"This leadership program has taught me to recognize and quiet my sabotaging voice, be open to exploring out of the box ideas and overall has made me a more effective and patient leader. Everyone should have the privilege of this type of coaching and training."

To inquire about this program (exact dates TBD), please complete the form below.



—R. Ethe, Services Manager

Virtual Workshop Schedule

The program includes a total of 6 workshops delivered online, once per month and 4 group executive coaching sessions.

KICK OFF CALL   |   Spring 2023 (Exact dates TBD)
Meet and greet and learn what to expect from the program!

Confidence and Courage

Everyone has an inner critic. You will learn to manage it by naming it, taming it and sending it away. You will deepen your self-awareness, gain confidence and adopt a courageous mindset.

Executive Presence

Your non-verbal communication is a distinct part of your brand. To inspire and gain credibility, you must be aware of your body language, facial expressions and vocal cues. You will be video recorded.

Difficult Conversations

Learn to embrace those conversations we usually avoid. You will adopt a tool to guide the conversation productively. You will learn about giving feedback and negotiating.

Curiosity and Agility

You will begin to distinguish the difference between probing questions and judgmental questions in order to truly be curious. By adopting an agile mindset, you will learn to think out of the box, manage change and be better prepared to flex your thinking.

Persuasive Messaging and Influencing

The ability to influence others is critical to your success. The 3C’s stand for connect, concise and compelling.You will learn how to craft engaging and inspiring messages.  Business storytelling is at the heart of this workshop.

Facilitate Discussion and Personal Branding

Whether you are the leader in the room or not, you have an opportunity to have an impact by driving the conversation forward. Becoming a great facilitator will contribute to building your personal brand. Learn to live your brand. 

This virtual experience is offered only to a limited number of women to create an intimate yet diverse cohort.

"Amazing program that fosters confidence, growth, and community."


"I've become a better version of myself since attending this program.

I've learned techniques that help me show up boldly and authentically."


"This was an incredible journey of self-reflection, powerful growth professionally and personally,

and a strong sense of community! This is an amazing program!"


"A must workshop for every women. This makes you reflect inside out in many shapes and

 forms at a professional and personal level. Inspirational."


"Most insightful, self-reflective, actionable company-sponsored series of workshops I have ever participated in.

This use of my time had an immediate positive impact on my team and organization."


"This program has helped me grow in ways I did not know were possible. Visualizing thoughts plus feelings; ultimately allowing me to change my own behavior, thinking and speaking in headlines;  and the ability to ask difficult questions with finesse are tools I will continue to build upon. Thank you SBG Team!"

—M. Scott, Director CPO Operations

"If you only have the time to take one course, this is the one for you!"

—W. Lin, Distinguished Engineer

"Great program that can unleash the most powerful you."

—B.K. Shah, Senior Manager Finance

"I was uncertain of what to expect and the program surpassed anything I could have imagined.
It’s deep and practical all at the same time."


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