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We're your partner, champion and challenger.

We meet you where you are. Whether you're a senior executive, a mid-level manager or small group of high-potentials, we develop intimate partnerships customized to your needs.


1:1 coaching is high impact for senior executives who want to increase their leadership effectiveness. One-on-one executive coaching promises to empower you to be the best version of YOU. As your sounding board and accountability partner, your coach will support you through:


  • Strategic planning

  • Cultural changes

  • Team collaborations

  • Conflict resolution

  • Personal growth

  • Long or short-term decisions

  • Visioning for you, your teams and your organization 



A combination of group coaching and 1:1 private coaching sessions.

Pods of 4-6 people meet monthly for group coaching facilitated by a skilled executive coach. They each craft development plans and apply the learning to real life situations, receiving feedback from both the coach and their peers. Each participant also engages in private coaching sessions to invite more personalized conversations around their own growth.

"I can go to my coach with ANYTHING. Good news, frustrations, help in preparing for a meeting, presentations or a hard conversation and it is such a safe place. Honest feedback and such good observations."
P.G., Kaiser
"I picked Sarah because she pushes me outside my comfort zone but is extremely patient while I grow in my leadership role."
L.P., Juniper
"Sarah is an excellent executive coach. I've gotten so much from the program and from the 360 degree feedback. The individual coaching reinforces the concepts of the program through a personalized lens."
E.F., Genentech
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